He saw a hysterical crowd running towards the bridge of a wide river. They were running from an unannounced danger and heading towards another city separated by a river. They needed to cross the bridge to get there. Unfortunately, the bridge collapsed as they approached it and many of them began to cry louder. Others cursed God, and blamed some people for their calamities.

“What is going on?” he asked them openly, but they continued to cry and to curse. “Where are you coming from?” he continued in his desperate attempt to find out the cause of their predicament. They only cried louder and expressed greater frustrations.

As he wondered what to do, a mysterious voice called his name. “… Build the bridge!” he heard. “Help them to cross to the other side”. As he looked across the broken bridge, he saw an attractive city, with happy, contented and prosperous people, a major contrast from the place of desperation.

With no money and material resources, he felt limited in his ability to make any difference. As he considered the instructions, the people screamed louder in their despair. He soon shook himself up and realized that he had been partly awake. It was a vision! Emmanuel Idu had this experience the year 1989 while studying computer programming.

Several spiritual encounters followed this experience. He finally concluded that God has called him to build bridges and to help people move beyond their challenges and limitations into God’s plans and destinies for their lives.

“Whenever I meet people, I see their potentials and the greater things ahead of them and something in me wants to say something or do something to see such potentials realized”, Emmanuel once told an audience. “You are alive because God has a place for you in His plan for your world!” he told another audience.

“God wants you to secure your place with Him in eternity by embracing the Gospel of Salvation through repentance from sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, take that important step and grow in Him. However, for the rest of the period that you are in this world, you owe it to God, to the church, to your world, and to yourself to make the rest of your life count! You must leave a lasting mark on your world and leave legacies for generations to come! Do not live an ordinary life! He declared in another meeting.

“My father wanted me to become a military officer because he was in the army. My mother wanted me to become a medical doctor because of her respect for doctors. I wanted to become a pilot because I love speed, heights, and going to places, but here I am, preaching, doing the last thing that I wanted to do but enjoying it far more than anything that I wanted to do. I needed to choose between my father’s plan, my mother’s plan, my plan, and God’s plan. I dare you to obey God and to follow His plans for your life!” he said.

Many people across the world have shared encouraging testimonies of spiritual and material breakthroughs, deep personal transformations, and the power of God over the years as he speaks with divine unction, working with his precious wife to touch more lives. “God is calling you to do things that you will never be able to do without His help. Stop wondering how you will get the things done. Obey Him and you will activate His grace to do the ‘impossible’. Dare to think bigger!”

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